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This is such a thorough exploration of this issue. It’s been on my mind a lot and I appreciate your thought.

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Thank you so much, Carolyn!!

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Shared this on my IG. It’s just such a good article discussing important points.

Alternatively, I have heard of straight writers being encouraged for write BIPOC queer characters in escapist realms. I rarely see it written well, though, in first-person, in terms of writing craft itself, when the author states they wanted to write a “queer” or “diverse cast.” I like to call these Woke Twitter Stories as they seem to be written to score points with that audience.

I doubt they have anyone who scrutinizes their work enough. It’s a dilemma among writers to have adequate critique and editing partners. The best critiques I’ve gotten would likely destroy most writer’s desire to write. There’s a sense of not wanting to kill passion among readers that in some ways do a disservice. Sometimes the kindness thing can sound like the meanest.

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